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Ars Libri maintains the largest stock in America of rare and out-of-print books on art. We specialize in academic library collection development, and offer scholarly collections en bloc, as well as individual rare books and documents. Founded in 1976, it has an international reputation as a source for scholars, collectors, artists, and everyone else with an interest in the visual arts. Ars Libri covers all periods and all fields of art history, from antiquity to the present, including architecture, archaeology, photography, and the decorative arts. Our email:

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Recent Paintings by Sheffield van Buren. Presented by Ars Libri and Mario Diacono.

Artist’s Statement
This series of paintings is about reflected light: light within darkness, also light within light. The images come in part from the patterned silver and gold-leaf paper on the walls of my grandparents’ darkened dining room and the reflected light off the polished silver on the highboy. They also come from a grittier context: foil embedded in asphalt. The underpainting, context, and content, are to a great degree determined by the evening sky, its clouds illuminated from below, and the afterglow of the transitioning sky into darkness.
These paintings invite the viewer to hold in his/her gaze the entire surface—the reflective elements as well as the substrate–simultaneously. The experience is, in part, the substantial effort required by the viewer to hold these elements in equal portion in the same moment.

Exhibition: January 9-Feb.1, 2015 at Ars Libri Ltd. 500 Harrison Avenue Boston
Monday-Friday 9-6, Saturday 11-5

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