Van Gogh: Face to Face. World Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.


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  • 1 Welsh-Ovcharov, Bogomila. The Early Work of CHARLES ANGRAND and His Contact with Vincent Van Gogh. 63pp. 32 illus. 4to. Wraps.

    Utrecht/The Hague (Éditions Victorine), 1971. $65.00


    2 Mornand, Pierre. ÉMILE BERNARD et ses amis: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne, Odilon Redon. (Collection Écrits et Documents de Peintres.) 95, (3)pp., 10 plates. Wraps. Edition limited to 1200 numbered copies.

    Genève (Pierre Cailler), 1957. $37.50

    Freitag 805


    3 New York. Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Inc. EUGENE BOUDIN, 1824-1898. Retrospective exhibition. Nov. 1966. Introduction by Robert Schmit. (32)pp. 32 illus. (3 tipped-in color). 4to. Wraps.

    New York, 1966. $20.00


    4 Aix-en-Provence. Musée Granet. CÉZANNE ou la peinture en jeu. [Actes du Colloque tenu à Aix-en-Provence au Musée Granet du 21 au 25 juin 1982]. 287pp. Prof. illus. Sq. 4to. Cloth. D.j. Texts b 13 contributors, including H. Damisch, M. Hoog, L. Brion-Guerry, M. Costantini, B. Ely.

    Limoges (Criterion), [1982]. $125.00


    5 Andersen, Wayne. CÉZANNE’s Portrait Drawings. x, (2), 247pp. 265 illus., 36 text figs. Lrg. sq. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Cambridge/London (MIT Press), 1970. $150.00

    Freitag 1848


    6 Badt, Kurt. The Art of CÉZANNE. 345pp., 45 plates. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Berkeley/Los Angeles (University of California Press), 1965. $50.00

    Freitag 1849


    7 Barskaia, A. PAUL CÉZANNE. 199pp. 25 double-page color plates, numerous text and reference illus. Folio. Cloth. D.j.

    Leningrad (Aurora), 1975. $75.00


    8 Chappuis, Adrien. The Drawings of PAUL CEZANNE: A Catalogue Raisonné. 2 vols. I: Introduction and Catalogue. 288pp. 168 illus. II: Plates. 1223 illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. Slipcase.

    Greenwich (New York Graphic Society), 1973. $500.00

    Freitag 1862


    9 D’Ors, Eugénio. PAUL CÉZANNE. 48, (4)pp., 62 plates (4 color). 4to. Wraps.

    New York (French & European Publications Inc.), n.d. $75.00


    10 Fry, Roger. CÉZANNE: A Study of His Development. (8), 88pp., 40 plates. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (The Macmillan Company), n.d. $50.00

    Freitag 1867


    11 Gasquet, Joachim. CÉZANNE. 125pp., 50 plates. Folio. New cloth, mounted with orig. wraps.

    Paris (Les Éditions Bernheim-Jeune), 1921. $350.00

    Freitag 1868


    12 (Gasquet, Joachim). Joachim Gasquet’s CÉZANNE. A memoir with conversations. Preface by John Rewald; introducton by Richard Shiff. 240pp. 61 illus. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    London (Thames and Hudson), 1991. $65.00

    Freitag 1869


    13 Rewald, John. CÉZANNE and America. Dealers, collectors, artists and critics, 1891-1921. With the research assistance of Frances Weitzenhoffer. 352pp. 193 illus. (16 color). 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    London (Thames and Hudson), 1989. $75.00

    Freitag 1895


    14 Rewald, John. CÉZANNE et Zola. xiii, (1), 202, (2)pp. 82 illus. hors texte. 4to. Later boards. From the library of Leo Stein.

    Paris (Éditions A. Sedrowski), 1936. $125.00


    15 Rewald, John. PAUL CÉZANNE Second Impression. xvi, 205, (1)pp., 4 color plates. 87 illus. hors texte. 14 text illus. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    London (Spring Books), 1965. $35.00


    16 Rishel, Joseph J. CEZANNE in Philadelphia Collections. xxiv, 87, (5)pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Cloth. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, June-Aug. 1983.

    Philadelphia (Philadelphia Museum of Art), 1983. $27.50


    17 Rivière, Georges. Le maître PAUL CEZANNE. 242, (2)pp., 37 heliogravure plates. 56 illus. 4to. New cloth.

    Paris (H. Floury), 1923. $175.00


    18 Rubin, William (editor). CEZANNE: The Late Work. Essays by Theodore Reff, Lawrence Gowing, Lilianne Brion-Guerry, John Rewald, F. Novotny, Geneviève Monnier, Douglas Druick, George Heard Hamilton, William Rubin. 416pp. 427 illus. (50) color. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (The Museum of Modern Art), 1977. $45.00

    Freitag 1886


    19 Schapiro, Meyer. PAUL CÉZANNE. (The Library of Great Painters.) 126, (2)pp. 48 tipped-in color plates. Lrg. 4to. Cloth.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), 1952. $75.00

    Freitag 1901; Lucas p. 133; Chamberlin 2437


    20 Shiff, Richard. CÉZANNE and the End of Impressionism. A study of the theory, technique, and critical evaluation of modern art. xviii, (2), 318pp. 57 illus. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Chicago/London (University of Chicago Press), 1984. $75.00


    21 Venturi, Lionello. CEZANNE. Son art, son oeuvre. 2 vols. 407, (3)pp., 406 plates with 1634 illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. Orig. wraps. bound in. The very rare first edition of the catalogue raisonné.

    Paris (Paul Rosenberg), 1936. $2,500.00

    Freitag 1903; Riggs p. 169


    22 Venturi, Lionello. CÉZANNE. Preface by Giulio Carlo Argan. (Discovering the Nineteenth Century.) 175pp. 188 illus. (47 color). Sq. folio. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Rizzoli/ Skira), 1978. $200.00


    23 Berend-Corinth, Charlotte. LOVIS CORINTH. Die Gemälde. Werkverzeichnis. Neu bearbeitet von Béatrice Hernad. Mit einer Einführung von Hans-Jürgen Imiela. 2., neubearbeitete Auflage. 910pp. 1029 illus. (24 color plates). Lrg. stout 4to. Cloth.

    München (Bruckmann), 1992. $425.00

    Freitag 2182 (citing 1958 edition)


    24 Wien. Kunstforum Bank Austria. LOVIS CORINTH. Herausgegeben von Klaus Albrecht Schröder. Mit Beiträgen von Evelyn Benesch, Ingried Brugger, Alexandra Fronhofer, Stephan Koja, Bernd Schälicke, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Meinolf Trudzinski. Sept.-Nov. 1992. 226pp. 75 color plates, 27 text illus., figs. Lrg. 4to. Cloth.

    München (Prestel), 1992. $85.00


    25 Compin, Isabelle. H.E. CROSS. Préface de Bernard Dorival. 367, (1)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Paris (Quatre Chemins-Editart), 1964. $1,250.00

    Freitag 2408


    26 DEGAS. Quatre-vingt-dix-huit reproductions signées par Degas (peintures, pastels, dessins et estampes). (2), 3, (3)pp., 98 plates (4 color, tipped onto heavy mounts). Folio. New cloth. Orig. wraps., with mounted illustration, bound in. Edition de tête: one of 275 numbered copies on Shizuoka japon paper, from the limited edition of 800 in all. Johnson records that, after being assembled and printed for Vollard (whose name appears on the title-page imprint), the entire edition was taken over and issued by Bernheim-Jeune et Cie. (whose name appears on the cover), in 1918. Rare.

    Paris (Galerie A. Vollard/ Bernheim-Jeune et Cie.), 1914/1918. $650.00

    Johnson: Vollard, no. 76


    27 Adriani, Götz. DEGAS. Pastels, oil sketches, drawings. 408pp. 227 illus., numerous text and reference figs. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Abbeville Press), 1985. $125.00


    28 Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. EDGAR DEGAS: The Painter as Printmaker. [By] Sue Welsh Reed and Barbara Stern Shapiro. With contributions by Clifford S. Ackley and Roy L. Perkinson. Essay by Douglas Druick and Peter Zegers. Nov. 1984-Jan. 1985. lxxii, 272pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Wraps.

    Boston, 1984. $85.00


    29 Browse, Lillian. DEGAS Dancers. 435, (5)pp., 12 tipped-in color plates. 256 plates. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (The Studio Publications), [1949]. $250.00

    Freitag 2631


    30 Lemoisne, P.-A. DEGAS et son oeuvre. (Les Artistes et Leurs Oeuvres. Etudes et Documents. ) 4 vols. (2), 281, (5)pp.; xiii, (1), 839, (1)pp.; 157, (3)pp. Prof. illus. Sm. folio. Wraps. D.j. Slipcase. Edition limited to 1030 copies, printed on fine laid paper. The beautifully produced catalogue raisonné.

    Paris (Arts et Métiers Graphiques), 1946-1949. $5,000.00

    Freitag 2647; Lucas p. 138


    31 Reff, Theodore. DEGAS: The Artist’s Mind. 352 pp. 216 illus. (14 color). 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Harper & Row), 1976. $40.00

    Freitag 2661


    32 Saint Louis. Saint Louis Art Museum. Drawings by DEGAS. Essay and catalogue by Jean Sutherland Boggs. 237pp. Prof. illus. Sq. 4to. Wraps.

    St. Louis, 1967. $65.00

    Freitag 2633; Lucas p. 138


    33 Zürich. Kunsthaus. DEGAS Portraits. Edited by Felix Baumann and Marianne Karabelnik. Contributors: Jean Sutherland Boggs, Felix Baumann, Tobia Bezzola, Elisabeth Bronfen, Emil Maurer, Marianne Karabelnik, Luzius Keller, Barbara Stern Shapiro, Antoine Terrasse, Pierre Vaisse. Dec. 1994-March 1995. 372pp. Most prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. English-language edition.

    London (Merrell Holberton), 1994. $60.00


    34 (GAUGUIN, PAUL). Lettres de PAUL GAUGUIN à Émile Bernard, 1888-1891. (Collection "Écrits et Documents de Peintres.") 142, (4)pp., 9 plates. Wraps. Edition limited to 1200 numbered copies.

    Genève (Pierre Cailler), 1954. $37.50


    35 GAUGUIN, PAUL. Noa Noa. Voyage to Tahiti. Translated from the original manuscript by Jonathan Griffin. Postscript by Jean Loize. 36pp., 49 color plates. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Reynal and Company), n.d. $85.00


    36 Cincinnati. Cincinnati Art Museum. The Early Work of PAUL GAUGUIN. Genesis of an artist. March-April 1971. Text by R.J. Boyle. 34, (2)pp. Prof. illus. Sq. 4to. Wraps.

    Cincinnati, 1971. $15.00


    37 Danielsson, Bengt. GAUGUIN in the South Seas. 336pp. 61 illus. (partly in color) hors texte, 5 text illus. Sm. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Garden City (Doubleday), 1966. $35.00

    Freitag 4064


    38 Goldwater, Robert. PAUL GAUGUIN. (The Library of Great Painters.) 158, (2)pp. 48 tipped-in color plates, numerous text illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), [1972]. $40.00

    Freitag 4080; Lucas p. 147; Chamberlin 2437


    39 Gray, Christopher. Sculpture and Ceramics of PAUL GAUGUIN. viii, (2), 330pp. 409 illus. (19 color plates). Lrg. 4to. Cloth. A few annotations in red pen. The fundamental monograph and catalogue raisonné.

    Baltimore (Johns Hopkins), 1963. $175.00

    Freitag 4082


    40 Guérin, Daniel (editor). The Writings of a Savage, PAUL GAUGUIN. With an introduction by Wayne Andersen. xxxix, (1), 304pp. Sm. 4to. Boards, 1/4 cloth. D.j.

    New York (Viking), 1978. $35.00

    Freitag 4083


    41 Malingue, Maurice. GAUGUIN. Le peintre et son oeuvre. Avant-propos de Pola Gauguin. 68, (14)pp. 240 illus. (mostly hors texte). Lrg. 4to. Boards. D.j.

    Paris (Les Presses de la Cité), 1948. $125.00

    Freitag 4095; Lucas p. 147


    42 Mongan, Elizabeth, et al. PAUL GAUGUIN. Catalogue raisonné of his prints. Manuscript written by Elizabeth Mongan, Eberhard W. Kornfeld, Harold Joachim. Produced with assistance of Christine E. Stauffer. 283, (1)pp. Prof. illus. Folio. Cloth.

    Bern (Galerie Kornfeld), 1988. $575.00

    Freitag 4096


    43 Sykorova, Libuse. GAUGUIN Woodcuts. 20, (17)pp., 13 plates with facing commentary. 15 illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth

    London (Paul Hamlyn), 1963. $50.00

    Freitag 4111


    44 Teilhet-Fisk, Jehanne. Paradise Reviewed. An intepretation of GAUGUIN’s Polynesian symbolism. (Studies in the Fine Arts: The Avant-Garde. 31.) xi, (1), 303pp. 71 plates. 4to. Cloth.

    Ann Arbor (UMI Research Press), [1983]. $75.00


    45 Washington. National Gallery of Art & Chicago. Art Institute of Chicago. The Art of PAUL GAUGUIN. [By] Richard Brettell, Françoise Cachin, Claire Frèches-Thory, Charles F. Stuckey. With the assistance of Peter Zegers. May-July/ Sept.-Dec. 1988. xxvi, 519pp. 635 illus. (335 color). Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Washington/Chicago, 1988. $125.00

    Freitag 4099


    46 Wildenstein, Daniel & Cogniat, Raymond. GAUGUIN. (The Great Impressionists.) 94pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Boards.

    Garden City (Doubleday & Company), 1974. $60.00


    47 Wildenstein, Georges. GAUGUIN. I: Catalogue. (L’Art Français.) (10), 282, (4)pp. 639 illus. Sm. folio. Cloth. D.j. Slipcase. Limited edition. The very rare catalogue raisonné.

    Paris (Les Beaux-Arts), 1964. $3,500.00

    Freitag 4114


    48 Amsterdam. Musée National Vincent van Gogh. Oeuvres écrites de GAUGUIN et VAN GOGH. May-June 1975. Introduction by V.W. van Gogh. 47, (1)pp. 19 illus. (5 color). 4to. Wraps.

    Paris (Institut Néerlandais), 1975. $27.50


    49 GOGH, VINCENT VAN. Brieven aan zijn broder. Uitgegeven en toegelicht door zijn schoonzuster J. Van Gogh-Bonger. 3 vols. lxiv, 561, (3)pp.; 644, (2)pp.; 467, (3)pp. Text illus. Sm. 4to. Cloth.

    Amsterdam (Mij. Voor Goede en Goedkoope Lectuur), 1914. $100.00


    50 GOGH, VINCENT VAN. Letters to an Artist. From Vincent van Gogh to Anton Ridder van Rappard, 1881-1885. Introduction by Walter Pach. xxiv, 229, (1)pp. 16 plates hors texte. 4to. Cloth.

    New York (Viking Press), 1936. $30.00


    51 GOGH, VINCENT VAN. Letters to Emile Bernard. Edited, translated and with a foreword by Douglas Lord. xi, 124pp., 32 plates. 4to. Cloth.

    New York (The Museum of Modern Art), 1938. $40.00


    52 (GOGH, VINCENT VAN) Lettres de Vincent van Gogh à Émile Bernard. Recueil des publications sur Vincent van Gogh faites depuis son décès par Émile Bernard, précédées d’une préface nouvelle par le même auteur. (4), 152, (8)pp., 102 plates (2 color). 4to. Orig. dec. wraps., designed by Bernard (slightly dusty).

    Paris (Ambroise Vollard), 1911. $125.00


    53 Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh. Otterlo & Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller. VINCENT VAN GOGH. March-May 1990 2 Vols. [I] Dipinti. [By] Evert van Uitert, Louis van Tilborgh, Sjraar van Heugten. 292pp. 133 color plates, numerous ref. illus. [II] Disegni. [By] Johannes van der Wolk, Ronald Pickvance, E.B.F. Pey. 336pp. 248 illus., 48 figs. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j. Slipcase.

    Milano/Roma (Arnoldo Mondadori/ De Luca), 1990. $100.00


    54 Amsterdam. Stedelijk Museum. VINCENT VAN GOGH. Paintings & drawings. A choice from the collection of the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation. Foreword by V.W. van Gogh. Text by Casper de Jong. xxii, (2)pp., 139 plates (partly color). 4to. Wraps. D.j.

    Amsterdam, 1968. $15.00


    55 Auden, W.H. (editor). VAN GOGH: A Self-Portrait. Letters revealing his life as a painter. 398pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Cloth.

    Greenwich (New York Graphic Society), 1961. $50.00


    56 Baltimore. The Baltimore Museum of Art. VINCENT VAN GOGH. Paintings and drawings. Oct.-Nov. 1970. Introduction by V.W. van Gogh. 80, (2)pp. 114 illus. hors texte (68 color). 4to. Wraps.

    Baltimore, 1970. $25.00


    57 Duret, Théodore. VINCENT VAN GOGH. Edition définitive. 109, (3)pp., 44 plates (2 tipped-in color). 4to. Wraps. D.j.

    Paris (Bernheim-Jeune), 1924. $75.00

    Freitag 4483; Lucas p. 150


    58 Elgar, Frank. VAN GOGH. A study of his life and work. 256, (28)pp. Prof. illus. (65 color plates). Sm. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Praeger), 1958. $25.00

    Freitag 4484 (citing 1966 edition)


    59 Hammacher, A.M. & Hammacher, Renilde. VAN GOGH. A documentary biography. 240pp. 232 illus. (48 color). Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (MacMillan Publishing Co.), 1982. $65.00


    60 Hulsker, Jan. The Complete VAN GOGH. Paintings, drawings, sketches. 498pp. 2165 illlus. (40 color). Folio. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), n.d. $500.00

    Freitag 4515


    61 La Faille, J.-B. de. The Works of VINCENT VAN GOGH. His paintings and drawings. 701, (1)pp. 56 color plates, over 2000 illus. Folio. Cloth.

    New York (Reynal & Company), 1970. $225.00

    Freitag 4489


    62 London. Marlborough Fine Art Ltd. VAN GOGH Self Portraits. Oct. 1960. Text by A.M. Hammacher and O. Kokoschka. (50)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Wraps.

    London, 1960. $17.50


    63 Meier-Graefe, Julius. VINCENT VAN GOGH der Zeichner. 51, (7)pp., 52 collotype plates. Lrg. 4to. Later cloth. Scarce. A little light wear.

    Berlin (Otto Wacker), 1928. $150.00

    Freitag 4533; Lucas p. 150


    64 New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. VAN GOGH. Paintings and drawings. A special loan exhibition. 1949/1950. Text by Daniel Catton Rich; catalogue by Theodore Rousseau, Jr. 96pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Wraps.

    New York, 1949. $12.50

    Freitag 4534


    65 New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. VAN GOGH in Arles. Oct.-Dec. 1984. [By] Ronald Pickvance. 271, (1)pp. 252 illus. (166 color). Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), 1984. $50.00


    66 New York. Sotheby’s. VINCENT VAN GOGH "Irises." The property of John Whitney Payson. Sale, Nov. 11, 1987. (20)pp. 3 color plates. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York, 1987. $35.00


    67 Otterlo. Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller. A Detailed Catalogue with Full Documentation of 272 Works by VINCENT VAN GOGH Belonging to the Collection of the State Museum Kröller-Müller. Second edition, entirely revised by F.T. Gribling. xiv, (2), 125, (1)pp. 256 illus. Oblong 8vo. Wraps.

    Otterlo, 1966. $15.00


    68 Pickvance, Ronald. VAN GOGH in Saint-Rémy and Auvers. 325pp. 304 illus. (90 color). 4to. Cloth. D.j. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nov. 1986-March 1987.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), 1986. $35.00


    69 Schapiro, Meyer. VINCENT VAN GOGH. (The Library of Great Painters.) 130, (2)pp. 50 tipped-in color plates, text illus. Folio. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Harry N. Abrams), [1950]. $50.00

    Freitag 4548; Lucas p. 150; Chamberlin 2437


    70 Toronto. Art Gallery of Ontario. VINCENT VAN GOGH and the Birth of Cloisonism. [By] Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov. Jan.-March 1981. 380, (4)pp. Prof. illus. Sq. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Toronto, 1981. $100.00


    71 Tralbaut, Marc Edo. VINCENT VAN GOGH. 350pp. Prof. illus. (many color). Sq. folio. Cloth.

    New York (Viking Press), 1969. $85.00


    72 Des Courières, Edouard. ARMAND GUILLAUMIN. 91, (1)pp., 16 plates. Numerous text illus. 4to. Wraps. D.j.

    Paris (Henri Floury), 1924. $75.00

    Freitag 5027


    73 Serret, G. & Fabiani, D. ARMAND GUILLAUMIN, 1841-1927. Catalogue raisonné de l’oeuvre peint. Précéde de ‘Armand Guillaumin dans son temps,’ par Raymond Schmit. 567, (7)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. oblong 4to. Cloth. The catalogue raisonné.

    Paris (Editions Mayer), [1971]. $2,500.00

    Freitag 5031


    74 Bremen. Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner. Graphisches Kabinett & München. Sabine Helms, Kunsthandel. CONSTANTIN GUYS: Zeichnungen und Aquarelle. HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC: Graphik. Nov. 1985-Jan. 1986. (16)pp., 44 plates. 4to. Wraps. D.j.

    Bremen/München, 1985. $15.00


    75 Berlin. Alte Nationalgalerie. MAX LIEBERMANN Jahrhundertwende. Herausgegeben von Angelika Wesenberg. Mit Beiträgen von Sigrid Achenbach, Andrea Bärnreuther, Marion Deshmukh, Hilmar Frank, Barbara Gaethgens, Thomas W. Gaethgens, Jörn Grabowski, Walter Jens, Claude Keisch, Bernhard Maaz, Margreet Nouwen, Peter Paret, Stefan Pucks, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Birgit Verwiebe, Immo Wagner-Douglas, Angelika Wesenberg. July-Oct. 1997. 330pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Wraps.

    Berlin, 1997. $60.00


    76 Hancke, Erich. MAX LIEBERMANN. Sein Leben und seine Werke. viii, 547pp. Original etching by Liebermann ("Selbstbildnis 1913") as frontis. 305 illus. (3 hinged color hors texte). Lrg. 4to. Boards, 3/4 leather.

    Berlin (Bruno Cassirer), 1914. $300.00

    Freitag 7088; Lucas p. 164


    77 Clark, T.J. The Painting of Modern Life. Paris in the art of MANET and his followers. xv, (3), 338pp., 30 color plates. 118 illus. 4to. Boards, 1/4 cloth. D.j.

    New York (Alfred A. Knopf), 1985. $60.00

    Freitag 7541


    78 De Leiris, Alain. The Drawings of EDOUARD MANET. (California Studies in the History of Art. Vol. 10. ) xxx, 286pp. 431 plates & 58 text illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Berkeley/ Los Angeles (University of California Press), 1969. $175.00

    Freitag 7563; Arntzen/Rainwater R19


    79 Hamilton, George Heard. MANET and His Critics. (Yale Historical Publications. History of Art. 7.) x, (2), 295, (3) pp., 39 plates. 4th. Cloth. D.j. (worn).

    New Haven (Yale University Press), 1954. $85.00

    Freitag 7557; Lucas p. 166


    80 Mathey, J. Graphisme de MANET. Essai de catalogue raisonné des dessins. 32, (4) pp. More than 135 illus. hors texte (partly in color).

    Paris (F. De Nobele), 1961. $75.00

    Freitag 7571; Lucas p. 166


    81 Perruchot, Henri. MANET. (Art and Destiny. 3.) 296pp., 51 plates. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    Cleveland/ New York (World Publ. Co.), 1962. $20.00


    82 Rouart, Denis & Wildenstein, Daniel. EDOUARD MANET. Catalogue raisonné. 2 vols. I: Peintures. (2), 308, (4)pp. 430 illus. II: Pastels, aquarelles et dessins. (4), 277, (5)pp. 697 illus. Folio. Cloth. D.j.

    Lausanne/ Paris (La Bibliothèque des Arts), 1975. $2,750.00

    Freitag 7586


    83 Vaudoyer, Jean-Louis. E. MANET. ("Les Demi-Dieux.") (156)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Wraps.

    Paris (Éditions du Dimanche), 1955. $45.00

    Chamberlin 2405


    84 Paris. Grand Palais. Hommage à CLAUDE MONET (1840-1926). Feb.-May 1980. Texts by H. Adhémar, A. Masson, G. Bachelard, M. Hoog. 378pp. Prof. illus. Sq. 4to. Wraps.

    Paris, 1980. $45.00

    Freitag 8544


    85 Paris. Musée Marmottan. MONET et ses amis. Le legs Michel Monet. La donation Donop de Monchy. Introductory text by Raymond Cogniat. Catalogue by François Daulte, with the collaboration of Claude Richebé. 91pp. 130 illus. (12 color). Sq. 4to. Wraps.

    Paris, 1971. $20.00


    86 Rouart, Denis & Rey, Jean-Dominique. MONET Water-Lilies, or The Mirror of Time. Followed by a descriptive catalogue by Robert Maillard. 149, (51)pp. 316 illus. (28 color). Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Leon Amiel), 1974. $300.00

    Freitag 8575 (French-language edition)


    87 Stuckey, Charles F. MONET: Water Lilies. 132pp. 65 color plates (4 folding). Text illus. Lrg. oblong 4to. Cloth. D.j.

    New York (Hugh Lauter Levin Associates), 1988. $75.00


    88 Wildenstein, Daniel. CLAUDE MONET. Biographie et catalogue raisonné. Vols. I - IV. I: 1840-1881. Peintures. 461pp. II: 1882-1886. Peintures. 305pp. III: 1887-1898. Peintures. 312, (2)pp. IV: 1899-1926. Peintures. 443pp. 1983 illus., numerous text and reference figs. Folio. Cloth. D.j.

    Lausanne/Paris (La Bibliothèque des Arts), 1974-1985. $3,000.00

    Freitag 8582


    89 Bataille, M.-L. & Wildenstein, G. BERTHE MORISOT. Catalogue des peintures, pastels et aquarelles. (L’Art Français.) 306, (2)pp. 818 plates and reference illus. 4to. Cloth. D.j. (light wear). The catalogue raisonné.

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